When vitality sags try this health formula

A patient went into a drugstore and ask for a bottle of psychosomatic medicine such medicine is not found on drugstore. Many of us also need that psychometric medicine for prescription compounded of prayer, faith and dynamic spiritual things.

More than 50-70 patience is ill in a day because of the influence of improper mental states on their emotional and physical make-up. Therefore such a medicine is importance as a health formula. The manner in which spiritual and emotional treatment can restore declining vitality is illustrated by the physicians.

We the physician interviews the patient and later refers him to a church for prayer. That is a pretty pass when he found are self in the church. When also send a businessman to preacher it was happy because of prayer.

After the prayer, the man reply sometime our trouble lies on when we pray for the therapy of bible to have an important effect. A man get into a state in which you find yourself because the mind is filled with fear, anxiety, tension, resentment, guilty.

When these emotional impediments accumulate a certain weight, the personality cannot support them any longer and give way. I do not know your trouble, but I would like to suggest that you tell me your problem.

Who had committed a sin and involve in a complicated of lies he was living in fear and pathetic of inner confusion. Who consider the matter and realize that the doctors are right when they tell us that resentment, hat, grudge ill-will, jealousy, are attitude which produce ill-health.

The chemical reactions in the body are set–up by emotional outbreak in feeling of ill-health. A physician told that one woman died for the sake of ill-health. The physician said when physical mental articulated in him, he did not possess the stamina or renewing force to overcome it.

So it you are under per I suggest that you do a very scrupulous job of self-analysis. Honestly ask yourself if you are harboring any ill-will or resentment or grudges if so, cast them out and get rid of them without a delay. They do not hurt anybody else, they do not harm person but every day a night of your life they are eating you. Many people suffer poor health because of what they eat.

We realize that a person can make him ill by resentment. We can develop various kinds of ill-health system because of guilty. Also one may show definite physical symptoms’ as a result of fear and anxiety. Recently a diagnostic told a woman who was admitted to the hospital with a temperature of 102 degree. She had a definite case of rheumatic on her joints were badly swollen.

The doctor sends her to a psychiatrist who saw it as an irritation’s situation in is life. She was translating outwardly in the form of a skin rash. Emotionally disturbances are believed to affect the blood circulation in the liking of the nose and throat.

Dr Fowler.J Columbia university‘s college of physicians and surgeon stated, there are colds which develop in medical student as the time of their examination. Colds develop in many in housewife when his mother-in-law comes to live in the house and it often disappear when she live.


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