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20 Social Media You Can Promote Your Site.

1 Facebook continues to be the number one social network in the world and it has many of advertising or publishing either you sign up on their ads or you make more friend.

2 WhatsApp is an instant-messaging social network that works primarily on Smartphone’s is to do with the person you own his number.

3 LinkedIn is a social network used by professionals and is now owned by Microsoft is about sharing business information. You must belong to a group you specialize on.

4 Google+ is Google’s social that owned by Google, it also share information among people in your group.

5Twitter is also like facebook where you can sign up on ads or advertise.

6 Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network with your love once.

7 Snapchat is a multimedia messaging network with over 150 million daily users that has gained widespread popularity because of its innovative image filters.

8 Quora is a question-and-answer social network where users can get answers to their posted questions.

9 Skype is an instant messaging platform that enables communication using text, voice, and video base on secretion and is now part of Microsoft.

10 Tumblr is a blogging network allowed you to share your idea. The social network supports both web and mobile.

11 Gab is an ad-free social network that allows its users to read and write messages of up to 300 characters, called “gabs.”

12 VK is like Facebook but more popular in Russia and neighboring countries with over 400 million users.

13 Reddit is a content sharing social network where you can posts or direct links can be shared on the site and voted by members to determine popularity.

14 Meetup is a social network that facilitates a group of people to meet in person around a specific topic or theme. It has roughly 32 million users.

15 Skyrock is primarily a French social network that offers blogging capabilities to its members. It has a few million members.

16 Pinboard is a paid social network that allows sharing of bookmarks. The users can benefit from an ad-free experience on this site.

17 Xing is a career-oriented social network that is used by consumers and businesses. Xing supports closed groups to enable a private and secure network within an enterprise.

18 Sprybirds is a social and business activity. List or find businesses. Connect with friends and clients. Tell the people who you are and what you do

19 Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allow you to share short messages, links, videos and everything else with your friends

20 LiveJournal is a unique place where people share their life stories, give advice and exchange ideas.



How to Use Social Media Marketing to make thousands of dollar in Sales

How to Use Social Media Marketing to make thousands of dollar in Sales

Social media marketing is a great instrument that you cannot do without, when it comes to building of brands.

But to generate money from it is not that difficult. All you need is idea and that is what am going to shear with you as I proceed.

Actually, a lot of content marketers have many problems tying social media back to a return on investment (ROI).

The reason is that social media is often only seen as a way to build your brand and connect your audience.

You can even check this site, is a place where you can share videos, videos of cute cats and babies.


Indeed, social media is actually a huge instrument to make sales too.

I would like you to know, it’s just not as cut-and-dry as platform like Google AdWords.

This Google AdWords platform is directly tied to ROI and driving sales, social media isn’t.

The purpose of social media is not to drive sales.

But it should be, everything you are doing should centre on growing your business and also generating money from it.

Social media is a stellar platform to make sales when you have defined goals and objectives.

Let me show you some things you need to know from quicksprout $332,640 in sales this is wonderful.


It is a place where social media marketing make $632,481 within a year.

Now am going to show you how it works, as you master and practices this steps.

1 Build a close community

The first step in making sales from social media marketing is building a close community and connected with your followers.

Connecting with users on social media should be seen as a useful thing.

It is, a way to build trust and build personal relationships with your buyer base.

In my LinkedIn, I always share valuable and useful contents to my fans.


It’s an outstanding way to build an engaged following that likes to communicate with you.

And it only takes a few seconds to respond.

I would like you to imagine that, if your favorite brand users responded to you.

You will appreciate then, right?

All you will be saying, they take their time to respond to you and you will like to revisit their social medial page again.

This is one of my best strategies to building a community that loves to interact with you.

2 Develop relationships with influencers

If you’re starting social media with less than 1,000 followers, it can be tough to generate sales.

You need to build an audience that is large enough to purchase your for sales.

One of the most excellent ways to do this is by linking with influencers on social media.

Cross-promotions are very effectual when it comes to growing your following.

And is so nice:

When you get a shoutout from a pertinent brand, you can fairly expect tons of relevant traffic too.

Now, let me show you something you need to know.

Have you ever heard of a popular YouTube called sensation Zoella?


She is having more than 10 million subscribers now.

When Zoella published a book, Girl Online, she used social media connections to sell 78,109 copies.


She makes used social media influencers and her connections to increase publicity and viral buzz about her product.

Today am glad to announce to you, it’s not something that only huge brands can do.

What you need now is for you to come up with something real and genuine. Also have good relationships with top influencers in your niche.

And it’s no secret that people trust online reviews and recommendations more than they do fragrant advertisements.

Linking with powerful, genuine influencers can quite factually blow up your growth.

Then how can you achieve that? The best way you can achieve it is to be sincere.

Influencer marketing is about building connections to people in your niche and giving mutual exchanges of support and promotion of your brand.

This is how to do it, use a search like “marketing influencers” to get hundreds of results of popular individuals in the marketing industry.

Then login to Google and type in “top marketing influencers.”


You should be able to find curated lists of the most excellent influencers.

Clicking on any of these will give you an entire outreach list without any research on your end.

The idea here is to find tons of people who are professionals and industry leaders within your given niche.

You can then lookout for them on social media and perform outreach to start building a real relationship with them.

Note: I would like you to take notice; this process will take some time, but be patience.

After connecting with them, start interacting with their content on social media. Comment on their blog posts.

Respond to their emails or sign up for their list.

Let them know that you have interest on their content.

And another important thing that you need to know about is giveaway.

I advise you to a proven and reliable giveaway platform. Most especially Gleam.


The reason why you should use Gleam is that, it will increase your reliability and trustworthiness. Countless of business men and women are using it.

It has a proven track record for being reliable and safe to use.

It will track entries by confirmed actions, meaning that to enter your giveaway someone will have to follow your social account, visit your website, or fill out a form.

Nobody can dupe the system with Gleam.

It’s not difficult to set up, too. Create a new account and then create a new competition:


This is where to customize it effectively anything here that the  user want to achieve.

You can do everything from growing your social media accounts, to downloading apps, and collecting emails.

You can even have users share a blog post or share your giveaway to get it to go viral.

The tool is absolutely real.


Social media marketing is one of the largest ways to build your brand.

But when you start, that does not mean is going to be easy at that first time. But don’t give up, at time goes on, it will work out.

Some time you might come in contact with some trouble tying social media marketing back to ROI, of which I know that many other entrepreneurs do too.

I still believe, Social media is usually seen as an easy way to build a brand and give instant social proof.

But as we’ve established here, social media marketing is actually an unbelievable tool to drive sales! I would like to hear from you, thanks.