Dutch Bank That Once Called Bitcoin ‘High Risk’ Considers Building Crypto-Wallet

Dutch Bank That Once Called Bitcoin 'High Risk' Considers Building Crypto-Wallet

Rabobank has announced the possible introduction of a ‘cryptocurrency wallet’ tethered to the company’s banking services.

The news follows the bank’s recent ‘high risk’ profiling of account holders that participated in bitcoin trading. 

This week the Dutch institution, Rabobank, the second-largest bank in the Netherlands in terms of total assets revealed it may introduce a cryptocurrency wallet called “Rabobit.”

The wallet idea is one of 22 concepts introduced in Rabobank’s internal Moonshot acceleration program.

At the moment the idea is to host a cryptocurrency wallet that’s tethered to the company’s online banking environment.

Rabobank says right now company employees are researching the benefits and risks tied to implementing a digital currency wallet.

The idea of Rabobit is a cryptocurrency wallet within the online banking environment.

Rabobank also has a history of paying fines for unethical banking practices. In 2013 the bank paid a $1 billion fine for “unscrupulous trading practices” that were associated with the LIBOR scandal.

The bank’s California unit just got into trouble this year when regulators investigated alleged money laundering associated with Mexican drug sales and organized crime.

Rabobank agreed to pay $369 million to settle the money laundering allegations.

The Dutch institution’s webpage says if the wallet is launched it will be hosted by a trusted party and within the secure online banking environment.

Further, customers can get insight to an investor’s overall liquidity by utilizing both banking and cryptocurrency accounts all in one place.


Even though Rabobank has launched the cryptocurrency wallet website the company says the idea hasn’t been fully established yet and the company is researching to see if demand exists.

“Rabobit has not yet been realised, there is still no official decision to introduce this. As soon as more info follows, we will communicate this,” a Rabobank representative on Twitter explains yesterday.

Just recently Rabobank warned that customers who trade bitcoins using their accounts were dealing with certain risks.

Further, account holders who trade cryptocurrencies would be classified as “high risk” customers.

“Bitcoins are considered to be risky products. Customers who trade in high-risk products can have a higher risk profile.

It is conceivable that companies that deal with cryptocurrencies are seen as too risky and can therefore not be accepted as a customer,” Rabobank stated on February 2.

Even though the bank representatives state there is no official decision to introduce the wallet just yet.

It seems the company is changing its mind about cryptocurrencies, and may be friendlier toward the technology in the near future.


Genesis Launches Whale Sized Crypto-Loan Service

Genesis Launches Whale Sized Crypto-Loan Service

Genesis Capital will be a new lending firm for institutional investors that provides the opportunity to borrow a wide variety of digital currencies.

The new subsidiary believes individuals and businesses will need cryptocurrency loans so they can deploy market making strategies, short spot, or use as additional capital to jumpstart a project.

As the digital asset scene continues to grow, Genesis Capital thinks it’s time to strike the iron while it’s hot.

We believe now is a great time to offer an institutional-focused lending service because it will increase general liquidity in the marketplace.

Encourage new financial institutions to participate in a two-sided market and increase the working capital that companies use to scale their digital currency-centric businesses,” explains Genesis Capital’s announcement

The company says being an existing cryptocurrency institutional market maker it can envision hedge funds, both spot and derivative brokerage services, and other use cases for large loans.

Interested firms can fill out a form that asks for digital currency lending amounts between $100,000 to $5Mn+ USD worth of digital currencies according to the website’s submission page.

Genesis Capital says it plans to leverage its own OTC services and describes one example of lending a large block short-sale position.

Borrowers will have access to Genesis Trading’s OTC platform after completing the onboarding process and will be able to initiate shorts utilizing various cryptocurrencies.

The firm’s website also details it is a regulated company that follows Federal MSB/Fincen regulatory statutes.

Loan durations can be between two weeks to six months and the company explains it takes USD collateral.

After the onboarding is complete Genesis says the digital currencies will be delivered “straight to your wallet.”

20 Social Media You Can Promote Your Site.

1 Facebook continues to be the number one social network in the world and it has many of advertising or publishing either you sign up on their ads or you make more friend.

2 WhatsApp is an instant-messaging social network that works primarily on Smartphone’s is to do with the person you own his number.

3 LinkedIn is a social network used by professionals and is now owned by Microsoft is about sharing business information. You must belong to a group you specialize on.

4 Google+ is Google’s social that owned by Google, it also share information among people in your group.

5Twitter is also like facebook where you can sign up on ads or advertise.

6 Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network with your love once.

7 Snapchat is a multimedia messaging network with over 150 million daily users that has gained widespread popularity because of its innovative image filters.

8 Quora is a question-and-answer social network where users can get answers to their posted questions.

9 Skype is an instant messaging platform that enables communication using text, voice, and video base on secretion and is now part of Microsoft.

10 Tumblr is a blogging network allowed you to share your idea. The social network supports both web and mobile.

11 Gab is an ad-free social network that allows its users to read and write messages of up to 300 characters, called “gabs.”

12 VK is like Facebook but more popular in Russia and neighboring countries with over 400 million users.

13 Reddit is a content sharing social network where you can posts or direct links can be shared on the site and voted by members to determine popularity.

14 Meetup is a social network that facilitates a group of people to meet in person around a specific topic or theme. It has roughly 32 million users.

15 Skyrock is primarily a French social network that offers blogging capabilities to its members. It has a few million members.

16 Pinboard is a paid social network that allows sharing of bookmarks. The users can benefit from an ad-free experience on this site.

17 Xing is a career-oriented social network that is used by consumers and businesses. Xing supports closed groups to enable a private and secure network within an enterprise.

18 Sprybirds is a social and business activity. List or find businesses. Connect with friends and clients. Tell the people who you are and what you do

19 Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allow you to share short messages, links, videos and everything else with your friends

20 LiveJournal is a unique place where people share their life stories, give advice and exchange ideas.


How To Monetize Your Site


How To Monetize Your Site

We know monetization is important for many site owners. I encourage and support, with some restrictions that many methods of monetizing the hard work you put into your blogs and sites. Learn on how you can turn your website into a source of income.

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Only sites with a custom or mapped domain can apply. If you’d like to use third-party ad networks like Google AdSense, OpenX, Lijit, BuySellAds, and Vibrant Media, those options are available depend on the website you build. There is some site that is not accepting them.

You can add affiliate links to your website content as long as the primary purpose of your blog is to create original content, and as long as the code for the ad is supported.

When blogging about books you’re reading, music you love, clothes that strike your fancy, gadgets you’re drooling over, or whatever interests you and your readers, feel free to post relevant affiliate links using either text or images.

There are a few restrictions in what affiliate programs are allowed. They do not allow affiliate links for gambling, get-rich-quick schemes, multi-level marketing programs, disreputable merchants, pornography, malware, or phishing-type scams. Also not allow sites that exist primarily to drive traffic to affiliate links.

You can publish sponsored posts on someone blog. I define a sponsored post as any content that promotes a specific product or service, which you were encouraged to post by the company or individual who makes/sells/provides it.

Including this type of content on your site typically results in some kind of compensation for you in the form of payment, freebies, etc.

Some do not allow sites where the vast majority of content is sponsored content. Sponsored posts also may not include any content that violates Terms of Service.

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